Garnering its name from two generations of local purveyors, Wilhelm’s Provisions uses only the finest ingredients when handcrafting its diverse collection of unique, small-batch provisions that are perfect for any pantry.

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In the late 1800s, Joseph Winterhalt, a local cigar manufacturer in Kitchener, which was then known as the City of Berlin, created the “Rich Uncle” line of cigars and boasted they were “10 cents and worth it”. Thus, in honour of proud craftsmen like Mr. Winterhalt, The Rich Uncle Tavern chose to garner its namesake from the unique brand of cigar that was once manufactured and sold on the very block we now reside.

With a unique, inventive menu, The Rich Uncle Tavern is built on hearty live-fire fare and shareable snacks that pay homage to the brasseries and taverns of yesteryear. Defined by our humble and wholesome approach to food and beverage, The Rich Uncle Tavern features a charming and homely ambience for patrons to gather with old friends and find some new ones. Whether you’re partaking in a timely lunch at our bar, a crafted cocktail in the upstairs study, or a late-night bite in one of our booths, you’ll be able to experience a sociable atmosphere, curated beverages and delicious fare that will leave you sated.

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Located in Kitchener at Catalyst137, the world's largest IoT manufacturing hub, Graffiti Market began with the singular goal of fuelling the creative spirit in its staff, customers and community through a unique mixture of food, art and technology.

As North America’s first-of-its-kind restaurant, retail market, microbrewery, coffee roaster and bakery, Graffiti Market has Smart Dining Tables, providing patrons with a unique dining environment and a new way to discover the Graffiti Market menu featuring Detroit Style Pizza, house-made pasta and rotisserie chicken.

Whether you’re immersed in the interactive Smart Tables, admiring the murals created by local artists, or simply enjoying one of the in-house made Red Circle beers or coffees, you’re sure to experience something that’s one-of-a-kind. Make Food. Make Art. Make Your Market. Graffiti Market.

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In the early 1900s, Red Circle Coffee gained recognition as an iconic brand of coffee across Canada.

Red Circle Brewing Co aims to honour the past makers and their passion for their craft. Our microbrewery is a first of its kind in Canada, as it offers an on-­site coffee roaster, restaurant, market, and bakery.

Rooted in the history of and draws inspiration from, our hometown of Kitchener-Waterloo. Using traditional methods and all-natural ingredients, we approach each and every brew uniquely, staying true to our diverse community, while paying homage to the makers who built the city we call home.

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Red Circle Coffee Co. is driven to provide the highest quality coffee and life for our staff, customers and community. We're supported by the development of relationships; relationships with the farmers who grow our coffee, the staff who roast and prepare that coffee, and ultimately, the community that we hope enjoys the product of our efforts in our home, or theirs.

It starts at the farm, where the best coffees cost more and the people doing the work are paid better. We meticulously roast that coffee in order to be faithful to their work, bringing out the best characteristics we can. When you enjoy this coffee by the cup or in a bag, at our home or yours, you become part of the circle.

Complete the Circle.

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Crowsfoot Smokehaus is located in the small farming town of Conestogo, Ontario and stands on what is known to be one of the oldest venue sites in the region. Settled by Mennonites and German immigrants in the 1820's, the site has had a continued tradition of serving great food in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Building on this storied heritage with its own General Store, Crowsfoot Smokehaus will be stocked with locally sourced products, produce and everyday essentials.

Crowsfoot Smokehaus will also look to support the farmers in our surrounding region by offering a menu that combines the communities German culture with Southern Smokehouse BBQ.

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